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TtekAI is your best design and manufacturing source for custom batteries, BMS circuits, and chargers

We manufacture a variety of custom-made battery packs and power supplies made to customer specifications. Below is an overview of our capabilities.

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Custom Battery Design & Rapid Prototyping

Have an existing or future application, but don't yet have the solution for providing power? We have you covered by offering free design for all your battery requirements!

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UN 38.3 Testing and Other Testing Services

We provide robust testing services to meet various safety standards, such as UN 38.3, IEC 62133, ATEX, Intrinsic Safety, and more

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Custom Battery Management Systems and Circuit Boards

Some designs require Battery Management Systems , fuel gauging, protection circuit modules, embedded battery chargers, or other control and data collecting circuitry. As a custom battery manufacturer, we are able to work with you to meet your needs for any application.

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Electro-Mechanical Assemblies

We work with more than just batteries and power supplies. Let us know how we can help!

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Power Supplies & Battery Chargers

We can provide custom power supplies and battery chargers to meet your specifications.

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Wire & Cable Harnesses

We are able to create a wide variety of custom wire and cable harnesses using different connection options including Molex, TE, and other connectors.

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