We have a diverse set of capabilities in battery pack assembly and battery pack design. Other services we can offer to our customers include: the design and manufacturing of chargers, battery protection circuits, wire and cable harnesses, and electro-mechanical assemblies. Ttek Assemblies is flexible in meeting all your battery needs.


Ttek Assemblies uses mostly lead free solder. Leaded solder is also available for special applications

Spot Welding

Welding is the main method to make a reliable electrical connection between cells in a battery pack. We weld each connection a minimum of 2 times to make it solid and durable.

Sonic Welding

The availability of sonic welding allows Ttek to work with battery packs that need to be placed inside a plastic housing.

Potting & Encapsulation

Ttek is able to use potting on battery packs to protect them from water. This is also used to promote safety in hazardous environments where a spark would be dangerous.

Hazmat Shipping

Ttek Assemblies is certified to ship cells and batteries as hazardous materials. This allows us to ship expedited if required, as well as shipping internationally by air. We are also able to have custom battery packs UN 38.3 tested, and we have a Competent Authority approval to ship 100 sample lithium-metal batteries by air untested if needed.