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Ttek Assemblies, Inc (TtekAI) has been in business for over 30 years and we have acquired a tremendous amount of battery engineering knowledge, battery design expertise, and battery manufacturing know-how when it comes to supplying custom battery packs to our customers. Our battery design assistance service is completely free of charge with the hope that we can go on to manufacturing your custom battery pack after the design phase of battery development is complete.

Being involved in the engineering of custom-made battery packs gives us a huge advantage by enabling us to lower costs to our customers by giving them the most practical and cost effective battery solution possible. We fit these custom battery designs into our own manufacturing capabilities. It's a win-win situation for both you and TtekAI.

Providing Value for Our Customers

To further lower our contract manufacturing costs on custom-made batteries for our customers. we are value-added distributors for companies such as Saft, Tadiran, FDK, Samsung, Arts Energy, Panasonic Batteries, and many others. We get the best battery prices from these manufacturers though our special distributor pricing and we pass these savings on to our customers when its time to manufacture your new or redesigned battery pack assembly.

Contact us for assistance with custom battery pack design and assembly. We are the United States leading custom-made battery pack designer and battery pack assembler,request a quote today.

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Custom Battery Pack Chemistries

TtekAI can produce custom made batteries in a wide range of chemistries and configurations to meet our customers’ performance and application requirements.

We can design packs with either primary or rechargeable cells, using chemistries that give our customers a diverse set of choices regarding their custom battery pack design requirements.

Battery chemistries we work with include the following types:Lithium-ion, Lithium-polymer, Lithium iron phosphate, Alkaline, Lithium Primary, Nickel metal hydride, and Nickel-cadmium.

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Custom Battery Pack Applications

Click on the "More Info" below for additional information on our custom battery pack design and manufacturing services that include:

Custom Lithium Ion / Polymer Battery Packs
Custom Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Packs
Custom Lithium Primary Battery Packs
Custom Nickel Cadmium Battery Packs
Custom Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Packs
Custom Battery Pack Design & Engineering
Custom Rechargeable Battery Packs
Battery Types & Considerations

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Free Custom Battery Design

Ttek AI's engineering team designs reliability, safety, and manufacturability into every battery pack. We use the most up-to-date computer aided tools to give you the highest quality, most cost effective, and most unwavering battery pack assembly solution.

Our team of engineers can provide custom battery pack design evaluation to reconfigure or update your existing battery application. We can also engineer a completely new battery pack solution to meet distinctive requirements of your battery. All these services are free.

During the battery design phase, schematics, specifications, and prototypes of your custom battery pack will be provided to you for review and approval, before proceeding to production.

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